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Horse Welfare 

Here at Raspberry Fields in Warrington, Cheshire, the health and welfare of our ponies is our main concern and we strive to make sure all of our ponies are healthy and happy we have various checks throughout the year.


We work closely with the Blue Cross Animal Charity, giving unwanted and unloved ponies a good home. Pony parties are a great way to get the animals used to children and different sights and sounds, which develops them into ideal riding ponies for youngsters to enjoy, learn from and grow confident with.


For our new recruits, they go through a varied training plan tailored to each pony as some require more training in certain areas than others. Once we are happy the ponies have mastered the basics as a pony party recruit the next stage of their learning comes on the job as they take part in some smaller parties and outings before graduating to be a fully trained pony party pony.


We undergo several visits throughout the year from our own personal vet, the Blue Cross assigned Animal Welfare Case Manager and also from Warrington Borough Council along with their assigned Vet to meet our Riding Establishment licence compliance



We also hold enhanced Full Public Liability Insurance which ensures the safety of our ponies for any event held either at our venue or offsite that involves the use of ponies in any capacity. 


Along with our daily husbandry and grooming routine, all our ponies are regularly wormed, have their yearly booster injections and a visit from Craig the horse dentist every 6 months. Our ponies also enjoy their 6/8 weekly pedicures from Tom the farrier!


We hope to adopt more ponies in the future from Blue Cross as the business grows, to help give unwanted and neglected ponies a second chance. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the joy these unwanted and unloved ponies give to the children that we see at our parties and events.


Animal Welfare Policy

The welfare of our ponies is at the heart of what we do. Any event or party will always be undertaken with the following five welfare needs being provided:

The need for a suitable environment:

Our ponies have access to 6 acres of land in which to live a natural lifestyle and have access to shelter.

The need for a suitable diet:

Our pony’s dietary requirements are carefully monitored daily and feed is appropriate for the time of year, individual animal requirements and they have access to fresh water.

The need to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns:

Our ponies live in a herd, live outside all year round and have access to water, food and shelter allowing them to live as naturally as possible to what they would do in the wild.

The need to be housed with, or apart from, other animals:

We have individual stabling should the ponies require box rest, shelter from bad weather or for any other reason.

The need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease:

Our ponies are checked twice a day for general wellbeing or injury and should they need medical attention or a farrier we are able to provide the necessary care with professional veterinary assistance or farriery.

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