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Breed: Welsh Section A   

Height: 12hh   

Colour: Grey   

Age: 6


Lilly, also known as LillUp, is a native pony who comes from the Welsh mountains. Welsh ponies are very hardy, agile and spirited! They are friendly and sociable and make great show ponies for children.

Colours vary but grey is most popular.

Favourite things: Grass, apples and carrots and being pampered.

She also LOVES attending events and is very proud of her Unicorn DIVA status! 

Lilly is great for photo shoots, appearances at special events such as weddings/fetes and for meeting here on the farm, she is a little too big for garden visits!

Lilly is still learning to be a riding pony and will be able to give rides soon!

            Lilly is suitable for children over 7 years old

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