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Meet the Team

Here at Raspberry Fields Pony Parties in Warrington, Cheshire, we have an amazing team who's sole aim is to make magical memories for you and your children. No matter if its pony pamper session or a full themed event or wedding, we are here to help you make the most of your special day no matter if its here at Raspberry Fields or your own house or venue.

Each member of the team has a small bio page so please feel free to read on and if you have any questions we're always happy to help!

Shelley on Shire horse Rosie.jpg

I have always loved horses, ever since I was given my first My Little Pony when I was about 5, her name was Apple Jack. 


I started riding when I was 9 and never looked back – I was hooked. I spent many years after that looking after other people’s horses, doing the mucking out, grooming, cleaning tack – sometimes being rewarded with a ride ! I’d do anything just to be around them.

Valentine Stanely.jpg

Hey there! My name is Stanley Pony, SP for short! I’m a rather cheeky chappie, I enjoy playing in the field with my friends and I especially like running round with Lillup as she’s lots of fun. 


I am Bandit and live up to my name! I’m a cheeky chappie and just love being groomed and pampered! I especially love playing games and love it when my humans set up obstacle courses for me (they are too easy peasy but don’t tell them!). My best friend is Stanley and we love playing together and getting muddy, usually right before the parties!! He he he….

Mr Todd and boys.jpg
mr todd.gif

I have spots you know, just in case you missed them! I am gorgeous and I know it….well it’s not easy being handsome! I really love being ridden and like to look after my young riders – they have lots to learn and I am just the pony to teach them! I love hanging around with all my friends and like to do my own thing too…..especially climbing fences and escaping now and again! The humans think they are in charge but really I am…….Shhhhhh!!


Hi my name is Lilly but the humans like to call me lovely Lillup because I am sooooo lovely and the youngest of my herd. I'm a young Welsh Section A pony and when I grow up I want to be a unicorn like my big sis, Lady. 


I love hugs and cuddles and being pampered by the humans and the baby humans.

Rosie Pony.jpg

Well hello there! My name is Rosie and everyone says how beautiful I am! I love playing with Lily the Unicorn and encouraging her to roll in all the mud…..the humans just love trying to get her clean! My favourite thing is being clever – I am quick to learn new things and like keeping everyone on their toes. When it comes to riding, I am the best! I love taking my new friends for rides and showing them what to do. I am busy showing Lilly the ropes so one day she will be as good as me!! 

support team.gif

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the continued help of our support team, who are always there to build, move, hoick, change, dig, fetch, carry and most importantly BBQ once in a while!

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