• Shelley Ruck

Penny's Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn magic in Swinton

Our magical Unicorns made their way over to Swinton today for a special little girl’s birthday party. Mr Todd and Bandit were excited to be heading off on another adventure! Upon arrival, we were greeted by the birthday girl who was so excited and had on her very own fabulous Unicorn. All her friends and family were waiting in the back garden, so we were able to meet and great everyone as we walked into the party, making it a really special moment. The children were all blown away by having 2 real Unicorns appear and were even more excited to be able to stroke and groom them and decorate them with bows! We introduced Mr Todd and Bandit to the children, allowing time for them to ask questions and for us to provide a few safety points for when they are around the ponies. All the children were then invited to have a ride on a real Unicorn – of course with lots of opportunities for photos to capture special memories of the day! Despite the rain, none of the children seemed to mind and it proved to be a really super party!

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